Thursday, August 12, 2010


So sorry for the delay in getting this updated...I know it's the theme of this blog! 

First thing's first...I can't believe I'm planning her first birthday party!!  This is crazy!!  But lil' Miss Ava will be 1 next month!  Who would have thought sooo much planning would go into a one-year-old's birthday! 

Ava is doing GREAT!  We were cleared to stop Pulmicort!  They said her lungs sound good so no need to continue!  We were also able to get rid of the oxygen machine and apnea monitor!  What a relief!  I remember getting trained on all that equipment about 2 weeks before she came home and I felt so overwhelmed.  Now it's gone!

On a kind of sad note, I started working again so Ava has started daycare.  I'm happy she's getting structure and she's learning a lot, but I do miss spending so much time with her.  But overall it's for the best.

At last weigh in she was 14lbs 4oz, again still small for her adjusted age.  She has 2 teeth and is sitting up on her own!  I think she will be crawling soon as she gets to where she wants to go alreay just by rolling and pushing off of things.

Other than that...everything is great!!  Next time I will update with pics from the party!!

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